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Date Night Makeup 101!

Date night is the perfect time to go for a daring look! Let us help you get ready, and teach you a few professional makeup artist tricks!

Smokey Eyes

A beautiful and sultry classic! This look can be in any color you prefer. Think about colors that compliment your eye color. For example: blue eyes are enhanced with warm, coral tones, whereas green and hazel eyes really pop with purples. Brown eyes look best with copper and golds!

To Start:

- Start by using a brown eye shadow instead of black. Black can make things look too harsh too fast. Browns are a good, warm transitional color that compliment a wide array of skin tones.

- Make sure to blend! Start with sweeping motions across the crease. Add in small circular motions across the crease. Add in small, circular motions for the outer corner.

- Add a touch of black to the outer corner to get that major smoke effect.

- Finishing touches - keep it matte, or add some shimmer for a more glamorous, wide-eye look.


Let's not forget these guys! A great and simple way to make your date night look pop! Any lashes that you prefer are a great choice. You can always book a lash extension appointment with an esthetician, but store bought lashes are quick and easy.


- Apply a mascara of your choice to your lashes

- Get a darker colored adhesive and apply to the lash band

- Allow the adhesive to become tacky before attempting application! 30 sec-1 min should suffice!

- Looking in the mirror with one eye closed, hold the lash with tweezers and lay down on top of your natural lashes

- Attach the outer corner of the lashes to your lash line and proceed to attach the inner corner the same way.

- Pinch together your natural lashes with the lash strip and viola! Your eyes have transformed

Lip Colors

Whether going bold and bright, or neutral and subtle, don’t forget to treat your lips!

Lips need some love and prep too. You can give your lips a quick exfoliation with some things in your pantry. Get a teaspoon of honey and a nice pinch of cinnamon, mix it together with your finger and rub gently on your lips. Wash off with a warm, damp washcloth. Tasty and plumping!

Going bold? A daring red lip will be your best bet! More natural, and care free look? Go with a tinted balm or gloss!

Finishing the Look

Finish your date night look by setting all that hard work! Think of a makeup setting spray like hairspray, you want this look to last you for the night! Choose a setting spray that fits your skin type. If your skin tends to be more dry, opt for a hydrating setting spray. If you’re a more oily skin type pick a setting spray that will help oil control to keep your makeup from separating!

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